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Integrity, Experience, & Urgency

Miles Truck services prides itself on its ability to utilize its experience and integrity in order to assist customers with any of their truck and trailer repair needs. Located in Niles, Michigan and Elkhart, Indiana, our customer base is primarily comprised of private traditional companies whose main goals are to manufacture, sell, distribute, or service their customers.

Many of our clients find that owning trucks is simply a necessary evil of running their business. Whether it's logistical challenges or unexpected expenses, trucking is often a quiet side of the industry and when you do hear bout it, it's likely not for a good reason. Let us help you maintain your cost and improve your delivery service.

Three Goals

We maintain three primary goals for all of our clients. Our first goal is to make your job as easy as possible. We shorten the time and attention that is needed to ensure your fleet is operating safely, legally, and efficiently. Our Second goal involves reducing operating cost through proper preventative maintenance in order to eliminate unnecessary truck repair expenses. Our final goals is to decrease the companies downtime to allow for optimal and timely customer service and delivery within your field.

We take various measures to meet our goals, such as tracking preventative maintenance services, servicing the equipment, and making sure that vehicles meet any and all legal requirements. That's not all. Our technicians also inspect and grease vehicles within the recommended OEM intervals, and make proper adjustments and repairs to reduce many of the catastrophic expenses. Lastly, by communicating with our customers, we can schedule downtime that does not affect their delivery schedule.

What to Expect

As an independent shop, we to take advantage of sourcing brand-name parts from various vendors. This allows us to purchase more competitively, and that savings is passed on to our customers. By doing the job right the first time, we ensure value for your dollar.

Our prompt, efficient, and competitively priced truck service has helped hundreds of our customers reduce costly downtime. In addition, our preventative maintenance service protects our customers from many unnecessary expenses while keeping their trucks in full compliance with all state and federal mandated laws.

Written Estimates

When required, we are able to provide written estimates to our clients. We pride ourselves in meeting our estimates, and rarely go over. If by chance we do, we'll be sure to give you a call prior to making a charge.
Contact us in Elkhart, Indiana, to take advantage of our fast, efficient truck repairs to get your ride back on the road.